Automated Monitoring systems and MEP Solutions

Automated Monitoring Systems of buildings and structures

All structures whether civil or industrial have the exposure to various inward and outward forces, e.g construction-driven and natural forces and etc. Automated Monitoring Systems (AMS) are implemented with intention to monitor these variables in structures and take timely action for emergency avoidance. The system is built based on advanced engineering software tools, enabling control of technical processes and operations support directly in buildings and facilities by means of transmitting data on their state via channels for subsequent processing i.e evaluation, projection and elimination of the consequences of such destabilizing factors real-time.

Where are these systems applied?

Observation of strain in unique structures,

e.g, waterworks, dams, bridges etc.

Surveillance of ground movement near key installations.

Open and underground excavations.

Landslides monitoring.

Monitoring the seismic hazard areas.

Control over bridges, buildings and facilities

During building and operation works of tunnels.

And many other high-profile structures.

The advantages of automated monitoring systems:

Reliability and real-time mode data demonstration

Energy efficient, analogue and digital system sensors

Simple management and 3D visualization of data

Optimizing building operation cost by preventative technical services

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